Our Story

Shaftesbury's Fairtrade Story began when Arthur Simmonds moved to the town in the 1980s and began selling a small range of products for Traidcraft. 30 years later there are now 1000s of Fairtrade brands and Arthur sells an extended Fairtrade range at various events.

Shaftesbury Fairtrade Group was set up in 2004 and campaigned to make Shaftesbury a Fairtrade Town, achieving this in 2008. It has worked with shops, cafés and guest houses to help them sell more Fairtrade goods and run events with schools, churches, businesses and community organisations to raise awareness. These have included poster and baking competitions, joint events with the John Peel restaurant and Blackmore Vale Dairy and hosting African business leaders. Shaftesbury Town Council has a regular representative at our meetings and has supported us with the the publication and printing of the Shaftesbury Fairtrade Directory.